Taking Flight: First Blog Post for Next Week

Are your domains set up? Subdomains for hist297? Here’s where to go if you’re stuck and a look at next steps towards our first blog post assignment (due Tues, 9/10, midnight).

As noted on our syllabus, your site for 297 is intended as a portfolio of your work in the course. We’ll have a set of assignments across different weeks in which you’ll share blog posts on themes related to the process of writing history, our readings and working analyses, and your own development of a literature review project, among other themes.

Think of this as a place to develop your thoughts and brainstorm ahead of class, to log your own work, and to build a project portfolio of your own. Feel free to add your own posts and project updates beyond our minimum assignments.

p.s. For another History major portfolio example, including HIST 297 work, see alum Natalie Griffitts‘ site!

Next steps? A quick check list:
– Have domain your hist297.[myname].org subdomain sites set up? WordPress installed? If you still need help, head to the digital knowledge center.

– Explore the help guides for WordPress basics and particuarly video guides to using the Gutenberg editor to create posts (what people read on your site) and pages (where people read it).

– Jump into the blog post for Tuesday! And, in the meantime, please send your hist297 site URL address to Dr. Fernsebner at sfernseb [at] umw.edu

Image: From barnstormer / daredevil Carter Buton. Carter Buton Album Loan 00018. San Diego Air and Space Museum. Via Flickr Commons. [Accessed 9.5.2019] Link

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