Tech How-To

Need help with the technology we’re using this semester? Here are some starting places:

Digital Knowledge Center — The Digital Knowledge Center (DKC), located in HCC 408, provides UMW students with peer tutoring on digital projects and assignments. Any student at the University can take advantage of the Center’s services by scheduling an appointment to work one-on-one or in a group with a student tutor. You can schedule a tutorial at; while appointments are not required, they are recommended. Tutorials cover a wide-range of topics related to common digital systems, technologies, new media, and tools used in courses at UMW. DKC tutors adhere to the UMW Honor Code during all appointments. They are available to provide guidance and advice, but they cannot create, produce, or edit work on a student’s behalf. You can find out more about what to expect at tutorial at

Domain of One’s Own Documentation – What’s a domain? How do I set it up? What name should I choose? Learn more here. For further assistance, schedule an appointment with the Digital Knowledge Center.


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