Domains and Hist 297 Blogs Constructed? Please Send URLs…

Hi All,

A check-in after last Friday’s digital workshop:

  • You should have your domains set up along with a subdomain for your HIST 297 course blog and have it all working by this Wednesday (9/5). 
  • Stuck? Tech difficulties? Make an appointment (or drop in) today at the Digital Knowledge Center for help.

Is it ready? Send your HIST 297 blog address to your professor (sfernseb [at]

Our first blog post — self-intro’s with three images from Flickr Commons image archives — is due by the start of class on Friday.  Need help citing images? See this link (available among others at our Resources page!)

Image: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, Image from Baltimore and Ohio Employees Magazine, p. 910. 1912. From the Library of the University of Maryland, College Park. Available from Flickr Commons: (accessed Septebmer 5, 2017).