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You made it! Final Week Reminders…

We’re at the closing week of HIST 297 – congratulations on finishing our historiography methods course! Reminders about some of our final steps this week:

  • Your final literature review is due at 11 am on Friday  (12/8) at Prof. Fernsebner’s office door mailbox (Monroe 225) with, as usual, your classmate’s comments *and* Prof. Fernsebner’s commented draft (-1/3 off final grade for missing commented draft.)
  • We don’t meet on Friday. Instead, you should attend one session of the Symposium and then post a blog post regarding  your take-aways from attending a session. What makes an effective 485 presentation? [Note: be discreet and civil here, remember that your blog is a public space.]
  • No meeting finals week. Good luck with exams and papers!

Image: “Climbing Muellers Peak.” Tyrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum Collection. Flickr Commons. Link.

Final Presentation Schedule – Fall ’17

Final Presentation Schedule (7-8 Minute Presentations – see assignment page for full guidelines)

Wednesday 11.29
1. Erick B.

2. Jessie W.

3. Kaylee T.

4. Carolyn S.

Friday 12.1

5. Shawnya P.

6. Jack H.

7. Wyatt L.

8. Ryan E.

Monday 12.4

9. Christina C.

10. Gynnis F.

11. Robert D.

12. Adam K.

Wednesday 12.6

13. Sarah J.

14. Spenser W.

15. Peter V.

Literature Reviews: Final Project’s Next Steps & Deadlines (Updated for 11/15)

We’re nearing the home stretch for the semester–and our literature review assignment.

We have several tasks as prep for class workshops, all to help you on your way to a successful literature review–which is due on Friday, 11/17.

See the syllabus for full details, but here’s a quick outline:

Friday (11/10) – bring two hardcopies of the outline of your lit review (incl. thesis) for feedback in a class workshop.

Monday (11/13) – Bring  your thesis’s introduction paragraph to class (two hard copies)

Wednesday (11/15) – Open office hour (11-12). Come see Prof. Fernsebner if you’re stuck on the Lit. Review. Consider taking advantage of the time to visit the Writing Center too! (Remember a visit at least once per semester is required as part of HIST 297, along with a Speaking Center visit…)


Image: “Cats in a hammock,” – “Aboard the HMAS Nizam, the ship’s cats have a custom made cat hammock to themselves.” Photographer: George Silk, June 1941. Australian War Memorial archive’s “Cats of War” Flickr collection. (Flickr commons – link)


Week 11: Bring Computers Monday

We’re onto two projects this week — a digital workshop on maps and timelines in class on Monday and Wednesday, so bring computers along for both days.

And then a peer-review workshop on Friday in which you’ll have a chance to share your working thesis and outline for the literature review with your classmates for some quick feedback on work-in-progress. Remember to bring 2 copies!

Image: Cat on a computer via Dougwoods / Flickr – link

Week 10: 4-Minute Presentations Continue…


Happy Halloween!

And we’re back… Presentations continue this week–Monday and Wednesday.

As announced last week, if we proceed as planned through our presentation schedule, we’ll change our Friday meeting to an open office hour. On Friday you can feel free to stop by my office if you have any Q’s about ongoing lit review projects. Keep an eye on the syllabus as we move towards Week 11, and keep up with your texts!

Also: Don’t forget that your revised Annotated Bibliographies are due at the start of class on Monday. You should have a complete set: Revision, Rough Draft with Prof. Fernsebner’s Comments, and Peer-Review Form (completed). As announced last week, missing rough drafts = minus 1/3 grade.

4 Minute Presentation Schedule

4 Minute Presentation Schedule

Remember, the assignment can be found at our Assignments Page. Also remember that a visit to the Speaking Center is a required part of the HIST 297 course for all students. Consider scheduling a visit before this presentation, or your final project presentation later in the semester.


FRIDAY 10/27

  1. Erick B.
  2. Spenser W.
  3. Jessie W.
  4. Peter V.
  5. Ryan E.

MONDAY 10/30

6. Kaylee T.

7. Wyatt L.

8. Jack H.

9. Shawnya P.

10. Robert D.


11. Glynnis F.

12. Christina C.

13. Sarah J.

14. Carolyn S.

15. Adam K.


Welcome back! Week 8 Prep…

We’re back for the second half of the semester!

Here’s what’s next:

Wednesday: We’ll explore the first book (Boxers) in the Boxers and Saints work by Gene Luen Yang, and talk about graphic novels, youth, and history as fiction…

Friday: Annotated Bibliography (draft 1) is due–remember to bring 2 HARD COPIES at the start of class.

Looking Ahead: Starting on Friday of Week 9, we’ll be doing our four-minute oral presentations. We’ll randomly draw numbers for presentation order in class the Wednesday of this week (and allow for swaps). Be sure to be present!

Meet in the Library Tomorrow (Fri, 10/6) – Simpson Room 225

Reminder! We’re having our class meeting in the library for a workshop on library searches, search engines, and research with Jack Bales, reference and humanities librarian.

Please BE ON TIME — our meeting is at Simpson Library, room 225.

For more on Mr. Bales and his own work, see this link. In addition to his expertise as a university librarian, Jack Bales is also a recipient of the McFarland / SABR Baseball Research Award (2017). Folks interested in the history of baseball shouldn’t miss his work!

Week 5 Assignment Notes…

  • 1 Page Topic Proposals need revision? (See comments) — Return these by class-time on Friday…
  • Don’t forget our blog post on Cohen this week…
  • Friday is a workshop on Plagiarism, see the syllabus for readings and the online tutorial (email quiz results to sfernseb [at]

Image: “Barn owls…” Mary Mapes Dodge, St. Nicholas [Serial], p. 218. (1873). Via UNC-Chapel Hill Library / Internet Archive. Link

Week 4 Syllabus Adjustment: Blog Assignment

An update on this week’s Blog Post Assignment:

  • INSTEAD of the syllabus’s listed assignment for the blog post, please compose a short outline of the main points of our Cohen readings for this week. (We’re reversing this week and last week’s blog post assignments.)
  • Suggestion: Do you blog post ahead of Wednesday’s class. This will help you prep for our reading discussion and also leave you plenty of time for Friday’s written 1-page Topic Assignment (due in 2 hard copies at the start of class–see syllabus.)