Click links below for specific assignments and their instructions. Assignment deadlines are noted on our syllabus.

“The Hunt” – Types of History Team Assignment – Types of History Scavenger Hunt
Secondary Source Analysis – Secondary Source Analysis Assignment
Book Review – Hist 297 Book Review Assignment
Literature Review – Hist 297 Literature Review Assignment 2014

4 Minute Presentation – 4 Minute Oral Presentation H297
Final 10 Minute Presentation – 10-Minute Lit Review Presentation

Blogging Assignments (also see syllabus for shorter blog assignments)
Guidelines and Evaluation – Guidelines-for-Blogging-for-the-Course
– Visual Self-Introductions: see the latest version of our syllabus at the course website for instructions
– Primary Sources and Secondary Analysis – Primary and Secondary Source Analysis
– Week 15 – Course Reflection Blog Assignment – Course Reflection Blog Assignment