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Literature Review Topic Workshop – 1-Page Statement (see syllabus)

Annotated Bibliography – Students will construct a bibliography of at least 10 books and articles to be used in their literature reviews with brief summaries of each book/article. These summaries should include a complete and correctly formatted Chicago / Turabian citation for each work, and then a short paragraph for each. The content of that paragraph should include: 1) the main focus of the work, including its key research questions and conclusions; 2) intended audience for the work; 3) evaluation of its use or relevance for your project (be specific regarding how it is or is not useful.) You may also want to note special features that may be relevant. Each summary should be 4-6 lines.

Cornell University Library: “How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography” (Examples) -

UMW Library Guides: History & American Studies –

Book ReviewHist 297 Book Review Assignment

Book Review Peer Review Handout – H297-Book-Review-Peer-Review

Literature ReviewHist-297-Literature-Review-Assignment-2017

4 Minute Presentation4-Minute-Oral-Presentation-H2971

Final 10 Minute Presentation – 10-Minute Lit Review Presentation
**addendum: The final presentation time is now changed to 7-8 minutes. It should be no less than 7 minutes and no more than 8 minutes. Otherwise, the guidelines here are the same.

Blogging Guidelines and EvaluationGuidelines-for-Blogging-for-the-Course
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