4 Minute Presentation Schedule

4 Minute Presentation Schedule

Remember, the assignment can be found at our Assignments Page. Also remember that a visit to the Speaking Center is a required part of the HIST 297 course for all students. Consider scheduling a visit before this presentation, or your final project presentation later in the semester.


FRIDAY 10/27

  1. Erick B.
  2. Spenser W.
  3. Jessie W.
  4. Peter V.
  5. Ryan E.

MONDAY 10/30

6. Kaylee T.

7. Wyatt L.

8. Jack H.

9. Shawnya P.

10. Robert D.


11. Glynnis F.

12. Christina C.

13. Sarah J.

14. Carolyn S.

15. Adam K.


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