Domain of One’s Own Tips

Looking ahead to Friday:

— Please post your flickr photo intro on your own subdomain or subfolder, i.e., your own site for HIST297 rather than you main portfolio / personal page. E.g. You want to have a¬† or a address for our course.

Still need help getting the Domain and that WordPress  blog for the course setup? Links and tips:

UMW Domains – Go here to Sign-Up and Login:

UMW Domains Documentation:

How do I get started in setting up a domain? See here.

What’s WordPress? — it’s a blogging application you can install on your main domain and also on subdomains and subfolders. Here’s more on how to install it.

How do I set up a subdomain for my course blog? See this guide. Once you set up a subdomain, you can then install WordPress on it, and start using it as your course blog. A sample address might be: (or .com etc.) Or

How do I set up a subfolder for my course blog? A: When you are installing WordPress, on Step 7, in the “Directory” box, enter the name you’d like your subfolder to be. It may already say “blog” in that box — change it to the name of your course, or other title you’d like. E.g. entering “hist297” for our course would give you a web address of: http://yourdomainname/hist297

Still need help? Schedule a tutorial with a 1-on-1 adviser at the Digital Knowledge Center and they’ll walk you through it!






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