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Welcome (back) to Monroe!

And to this site — the main page for Dr. Fernsebner’s HIST 297 course. See the link above for our syllabus.Quick notes:

  • Bring a copy of the syllabus the first day of class.
  • We don’t use Canvas for this course.
  • Got time? Get a head start on Week 1 by setting up your Digital Domain — see here for examples and here for full instructions.
  • Need help? In person support will be available starting 8/29 — you can make an appointment at or drop by the Digital Knowledge Center at HCC 408.

If you have any questions about the course, you may reach Dr. Fernsebner by email at sfernseb [at] umw [dot] edu.

Looking forward to meeting you on the 29th!

Dr. Fernsebner