Writing Troubleshooting with Chewie and Han…

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Writing a 2-Page Summary and Review… // Mechanics, Other Issues to Work On?

Page Constraints
Citations (format, when / where…)

passive voice
comma splice :O
skipping words

Page Numbers
Repetition (word, sentence format) — style
Plural / singular / subj-vb agreement




Zotero Workshop

We’re diving into Zotero on Wednesday (9/14). Remember that your homework for tomorrow is to INSTALL ZOTERO, and then ADD OUR COURSE BOOKS to your database to test it out on your system. Bring computers to class for more fun…

Here are installation instructions.

And a quick-start guide that provides an introduction to what Zotero is and the features it offers.

Want to see it in action? A quick intro video mentioned in our syllabus can be seen here  (note: the video is slightly old now, but you’ll get the gist):

Talking History Series

Our History Department is kicking off its Fall Semester Talking History series this month. Please note that all HIST 297 students are required to attend at least one session and report back. Feel free to bring a lunch, and learn more about what your History and American Studies faculty do in their research endeavors!

Talking History Flyer

Domain of One’s Own Tips

Looking ahead to Friday:

— Please post your flickr photo intro on your own subdomain or subfolder, i.e., your own site for HIST297 rather than you main portfolio / personal page. E.g. You want to have a  hist297.susanfernsebner.org or a susanfernsebner.org/hist297 address for our course.

Still need help getting the Domain and that WordPress  blog for the course setup? Links and tips:

UMW Domains – Go here to Sign-Up and Login: http://umw.domains/

UMW Domains Documentation: http://umwdtlt.com/documentation/

How do I get started in setting up a domain? See here.

What’s WordPress? — it’s a blogging application you can install on your main domain and also on subdomains and subfolders. Here’s more on how to install it.

How do I set up a subdomain for my course blog? See this guide. Once you set up a subdomain, you can then install WordPress on it, and start using it as your course blog. A sample address might be: http://hist297.yourdomainname.org (or .com etc.) Or

How do I set up a subfolder for my course blog? A: When you are installing WordPress, on Step 7, in the “Directory” box, enter the name you’d like your subfolder to be. It may already say “blog” in that box — change it to the name of your course, or other title you’d like. E.g. entering “hist297” for our course would give you a web address of: http://yourdomainname/hist297

Still need help? Schedule a tutorial with a 1-on-1 adviser at the Digital Knowledge Center and they’ll walk you through it!








Welcome (back) to Monroe!

And to this site — the main page for Dr. Fernsebner’s HIST 297 course. See the link above for our syllabus.Quick notes:

  • Bring a copy of the syllabus the first day of class.
  • We don’t use Canvas for this course.
  • Got time? Get a head start on Week 1 by setting up your Digital Domain — see here for examples and here for full instructions.
  • Need help? In person support will be available starting 8/29 — you can make an appointment at http://dkc.umw.edu/ or drop by the Digital Knowledge Center at HCC 408.

If you have any questions about the course, you may reach Dr. Fernsebner by email at sfernseb [at] umw [dot] edu.

Looking forward to meeting you on the 29th!

Dr. Fernsebner